The Zoological Fair „Animal Wroclove” will take place in the fall 2019 in Wrocław. The Fair will be held at Wrocław Stadium in the Event and Conference Center. There willbe lot of expositors from lines of zoological area and dogs raisers. Also we will prepare a segment with terrarium and small animals. There will be birds, alpacs and rodents as well. Zoological shops will present diffrent accessories and feeds for your pupils.  Additionally we will be able to hear lectures about dogtherapy and alpactherapy. But this is only a fraction of appeals that will be waiting for you. This will be thebiggest zoological event on Dolny Śląsk. 

We can be encountered in few Polish cities. We will meet in autumn in Wrocław and in spring 2020 during next edition in Trójmiasto.

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